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Kythira is the island of joy and love, island of Celestial Aphrodite Porphyra, as it was called in ancient times, has numerous beauty spots. The blue sea, the beautiful beaches, the traditional villages, the magnificent monasteries, the picturesque little churches, the castles, the caves and the green gorges promise you an unforgettable holiday.

Facing the south coast end of the Peloponnese, overlooking Kavos Malias and Elaphonnisos there is one of the most beautiful seaside villages of the island.


Set against the mountain overlooking the sea is the hotel unit Elea Apartments in Kalamos Kythira.

Built according to the traditional architecture, alternating the white with blue provides high aesthetic and quality, serving the needs of modern hospitality and comforts of a perfectly equipped tourist unit. The silence reveals the beauty of the landscape, which allows the visitor to listen to the sounds of nature and relax.

Elea Rooms have double, triple and quadruple rooms with fully equipped kitchen, fridge, air conditioning and electric iron. With large balconies overlooking the mountains or the sea and of course the traditional mill. Kalamos located in the south of the island, close to the Venetian castle and the "cosmopolitan" Kapsali and only a few kilometers from the most beautiful and famous beaches, Firi Ammo (awarded gold stars) and Chalkos. Finally near Kalamos is & the beautiful cave of Agia Sophia.

You can have your morning coffee on the terrace or balcony of your apartment. The equipment of our unit is studied in every detail. The soft colors and interior design will help you relax and leave behind the monotony of everyday life.

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    Kythira or Tsirigo they are right across the southeast edge of Peloponese, in the entrance of Lakonikos gulf.

    Kythira are also known as Aphrodite's island, since according to Isiodos, the most beautiful goddess of Olympus was born here.
    Nature has endowed Kythira with unique beauties.
    Landscapes alter and fill the sight with unique pictures. Rocky places full of bushes, hills with pine trees, lacy shores, golden beaches and blue waters, abrupt canyons, all elements of nature, in harmonious coexistence, create an idyllic picture of Kythira.