The Elea apartments are ideal for moments of relaxation. Set in an idyllic and peaceful location in Kalamos Kythira with unique mountain view but also at sea. The extremely welcoming environment along with the best service, does promise you a truly relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Kythira island known by the older Venetian name Tsirigo (Cerigo) is, according to mythology, the island of the goddess Celestial Aphrodite and Eros. Located in southern Greece, south of the Peloponnese and south Elafonisos and Cape Malea. Kythira is connected all the time with Piraeus and Kastelli in Crete. Also connected with vessel from, Githeio and Naples Laconia. Kythira has an airport and air connected flight from Athens all year round. Kythira have very interesting mainland: architecture beautiful villages with strong local color as well and Venetian features and wonderful journeys. Nature gave Kythira beauties. The landscapes alternate and fill the sight with unique images. Rocky places overgrown bushes, hills with pine trees, rugged coastlines, sandy beaches and turquoise waters, golden beaches, steep gorges, caves and ravines that lead to blue waters, all the elements in a harmonious coexistence create an idyllic picture of Kythira.

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    Kythira or Tsirigo they are right across the southeast edge of Peloponese, in the entrance of Lakonikos gulf.

    Kythira are also known as Aphrodite's island, since according to Isiodos, the most beautiful goddess of Olympus was born here.
    Nature has endowed Kythira with unique beauties.
    Landscapes alter and fill the sight with unique pictures. Rocky places full of bushes, hills with pine trees, lacy shores, golden beaches and blue waters, abrupt canyons, all elements of nature, in harmonious coexistence, create an idyllic picture of Kythira.